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Dental services in and around berwick, Victoria

Beaconsfield Dental provides all aspects of general and advanced dentistry including:


Beaconsfield Dental provides dental treatment for all patients in the community, regardless of age, ability and gender.

The clinic is designed to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, prams, children, seniors and families to name a few. All areas of the clinic are easily accessible with ample parking and entertainment for the young.

All are welcome at Beaconsfield Dental.


Beaconsfield Dental believes in routine check-ups at six monthly intervals.

This ensures that problems are detected early and can be fixed before serious issues arise. We also provide consultations to answer any questions you have and provide appropriate treatment.

Beaconsfield Dental is equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology. This ensures rapid and accurate diagnosis.


Plaque is the soft mat of germs that grow on your teeth, while calculus (tartar) is the hard growth of bacteria on our teeth. Most, if not all of us, get varying amounts of plaque and calculus on our teeth, regardless how well we brush and floss.

That is why we need to have our teeth professionally cleaned and polished. This helps keep gums and teeth healthy and helps improve bad breath (halitosis).

Professional cleaning helps reduce gingivitis (inflamed gums), bleeding gums and periodontitis (destructive gum disease).There is evidence that unhealthy gums are linked to medical conditions such as heart disease, so the need to have clean teeth is more important than ever.

And remember, a dentist professionally cleaning your teeth makes them look and feel great.


Beaconsfield Dental uses digital x rays which allows quick diagnosis with minimal radiation dose. X rays are necessary to locate hidden cavities which cannot be detected visually.

X rays also enable diagnosis of buried teeth (impacted teeth), periodontal (gum) disease, infections and other conditions. To ensure your safety, Beaconsfield Dental uses x ray bibs with thyroid collars and limits both the number of x rays taken and their dose.


The OPG is a full mouth x ray machine which enables the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental to view dental problems, especially impacted (buried) wisdom teeth.

It allows visualisation of all the teeth and jaws to get an overview of the entire mouth. This is particularly important before removal of wisdom teeth (third molars) to prevent damage to important structures in the jaws and mouth.

Our OPG is digital which makes the procedure quick, with a low radiation dose. Having an OPG machine onsite is convenient for our patients as it gives an immediate diagnosis.


The Diagnocam is one of the most innovative diagnostic tools introduced to dentistry recently. It is a special camera that uses a harmless near infra-red laser to look inside your teeth to locate hidden cavities (caries).

Together with x rays, the Diagnocam allows near-complete visualisation of the teeth.


Our clinic, located in Berwick is equipped with intra-oral cameras.

These high resolution cameras allow magnified views of the teeth and mouth to further enhance diagnosis of dental conditions. The images from the Diagnocam and cameras can be viewed on the overhead television screens to give our patients a better understanding of treatment.


Beaconsfield Dental now has the ability to scan your mouth and take a digital impression.

This is cutting edge technology which enables our dentist to email a model of your mouth to dental laboratories to make appliances such as splints, crowns, partial dentures and implants with unprecedented accuracy and convenience.


The dentists at Beaconsfield Dental understand the importance of preventing dental and medical disease. Prevention includes teaching our patients how to brush and floss, healthy eating and cessation of smoking. Fluoride is a gel which, when applied to the teeth, helps prevent cavities (dental caries) in the teeth.


Prevention is the key to a healthy mouth and body.

Oral hygiene instruction in the form of brushing and flossing are routinely taught to patients at Beaconsfield Dental. Recent scientific evidence stresses the importance of oral hygiene for our general health.

Dietary advice in the form of limiting sugar consumption and healthy eating also helps not only in maintaining a healthy mouth but also a healthy body.


Bleaching (whitening) teeth can be performed in two ways.

The first is in-house bleaching with a bleaching material applied to the teeth in the clinic. The second method involves making thin bleach trays for patients to wear at night for a few weeks. Our dentists can advise you on which method suits your circumstances.


Many people suffer from bad breath which can affect how they socialise with other people. There are numerous causes such as plaque and calculus buildup, decayed teeth, gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease) and impacted teeth.

Other causes are diet and rarely medical conditions.

This can be treated depending on the cause. Consulting with one of our dentists can help identify the cause and help stop bad breath.


Tooth coloured restorations are routinely performed at Beaconsfield Dental. These restorations match the colour of your teeth for a more pleasing appearance. They can be performed on both front and back teeth. They can also be used to replace stained fillings or unsightly metal restorations.

They can also be used to veneer teeth and close unwanted gaps in your teeth.


A veneer is a thin layer of tooth coloured filling material that covers the front of the tooth.

This enables the tooth to have a more pleasing shape and colour. They can be made of either porcelain or white filling material. The type of material used depends on many factors which our dentists can advise you on to achieve the best result.


Sometimes teeth cannot be saved and need to be removed.

All forms of extractions are performed at Beaconsfield Dental to her solve your problem and relieve your toothache. Further to this, we can then help you replace the missing tooth with the appropriate method.


Wisdom teeth (third molars) can be a problem as they are the last tooth in the mouth to erupt and hence can become impacted (stopped from fully erupting).

This can lead to infections and decay to the wisdom tooth and neighbouring tooth. Removal can be performed at Beaconsfield Dental if necessary. Sometimes they are quite difficult to remove and referral to a specialist is required.


Root canal therapy involves removing the inside of the tooth (pulp) when it becomes infected. Teeth can become infected for several reasons including deep fillings and decay, cracks and trauma.

This procedure can help save a tooth which otherwise would need to be extracted. It requires several visits and sometimes strengthening of the tooth with a crown is required at the end of treatment.


Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth and correction of the bite for functional and cosmetic reasons.


A crown is a thin cover placed over a tooth to help strengthen it or make it look better.

They are usually made of different types of ceramic which matches your tooth to improve function and appearance.

Chipped, fractured, heavily filled teeth and teeth with root canals often need crowns to repair them.


A bridge is a way of replacing missing teeth by crowning one or more teeth adjacent to the gap.

They can help function and appearance and are cemented into position so they cannot be removed.


An implant is a method of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. It involves placing a titanium screw into the bone and then screwing a tooth to the implant.

It sometimes requires a bone implant to improve appearance.

Although it is a complex process, it is not removable and sometimes is the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth.


Beaconsfield Dental provides all forms of emergency dentistry to ease toothache and repair teeth so you can enjoy your life. There are many situations where emergencies occur such as sports and other injuries, infected teeth, broken and chipped teeth to name a few.

The dentists at Beaconsfield Dental can identify the problem and treat it accordingly to stop pain and discomfort, as well as repairing any damage caused.


Pain and toothache have many causes.

These causes include decayed teeth, gum disease, trauma and infected teeth, to name a few. Pain and toothache can prevent people from enjoying their life and can have a negative affect on their lives and work.

Beaconsfield Dental has modern diagnostic equipment and techniques to help identify the problem and solve it.


Oral medicine involves treatment of the entire mouth including the lips, tongue and cheeks.

There can be many conditions that affect the mouth such as mouth cancer and other problems such as ulcers. Medications, skin conditions and bowel disease can have affect on the mouth too. As part of your routine examination, the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental always inspect the entire mouth to look for any problem, not just in your teeth and gums.

Appropriate diagnosis and treatment can help patients lead happier and healthier lives, free of pain and discomfort.


A full denture replaces either all the upper teeth, all the lower teeth or both.

They can sometimes be immediate dentures that are placed in the mouth immediately after extractions to avoid going without teeth.

They occasionally need to be resurfaced (relined) as the gums shrink in size after extractions.


Partial dentures replace only some missing teeth. They can be either plastic (acrylic) or metal (cobalt-chromium).

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The dentists at Beaconsfield Dental can advise our patients on which best suits their needs.


The appearance of our teeth plays an important role in our lives. The dentists at Beaconsfield Dental can help you achieve a pleasant smile depending on your situation. This can include veneers, bleaching, cleaning and polishing, tooth replacement, restoring stained, dark or damaged teeth or straightening teeth with orthodontics.

Each person has different needs and the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental can identify the solution that fits you most.

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