The Melbourne Awards 2018 – Beaconsfield Dental – Finalist  Contribution to Environmental Sustainability by a Corporation

Beaconsfield Dental

Dr Robert Panjkov 
Director and Principal Dentist 

Beaconsfield Dental is at the forefront of sustainability. With 126 solar panels, they have generated over 155 megawatts of power in just over six years. Rain water tanks, with a 17,000 litre capacity, supply the indigenous garden and toilet flush, saving over 70,000 litres of water per year. We have 10 compost bins and dozens of indigenous plants, including edibles. Our recycling covers batteries, printer cartridges, computers, amalgam, paper, plastics and many other items.

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Beaconsfield Dental – Caring for the community and the environment.

We have 126 solar panels, capable of generating up to 200 kWh in one day!

Double glazing, full insulation, solar hot water, LED lighting, seven water tanks for the garden and toilet flush and ten compost bins are standard features at Beaconsfield Dental.

The garden has dozens of indigenous plants to complement the surrounding Akoonah Park.