Got a question about coming to the dentist? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions right here online!

Q: How do I find you?

Beaconsfield Dental is located on the Princes Highway at 1 Cardinia Street in Berwick. The clinic is opposite Akoonah park and Haileybury College. The clinic provides ample car parking including two disabled car parks. Look for the big smile!

Q: I haven’t been to the clinic before. Can I become a new patient?

All are welcome at Beaconsfield Dental. New patients are most welcome. There is easy pram and wheelchair/scooter access. Children are most welcome and there is a playroom with iPads to keep children occupied.

Q: I don’t have private health insurance or extras. Can I still be treated?

Yes, the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental treat patients without private health insurance.

Q: Do we have a Hicaps facility?

For your convenience our Hicaps machine processes your health insurance and eftpos/credit card payments. This provides on the spot claiming.

Q: I have an American Express Card. Can I pay my account by AMEX?

Beaconsfield Dental accepts AMEX credit card payments and all the common credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa. We do not charge a service fee when using a credit card.

Q: Our children are eligible for the Medicare Dental program or Child Dental Forms. Can we use these forms at the clinic?

All Beaconsfield Dental dentists can treat children with the Medicare Child Dental Form. Our reception staff will confirm that your children are eligible and can inform you how much funds are remaining on the program.

Q: Does Beaconsfield Dental treat children?

Beaconsfield Dental welcomes young patients. Preventive treatment starts at a young age to ensure your child understands how to care for their teeth and oral health. All our dentists will educate your child with a few simple techniques as well as providing them with a check up, fluoride and clean when necessary.

Q: At what age do I book an appointment for my child?

We suggest that you bring your child in with you for your next check up. This way your child Is familiar with the clinic and will look forward to having their own appointment. Every child Is different as to when they are ready. Sometimes 2 year olds will sit the chair to have their dental check up.

Q: Which Health Funds do you accept?

Beaconsfield Dental accepts all health insurance funds.

Q: Which Health Funds are you Preferred Providers for?

Medibank, BUPA, HCF and CBHS are the providers that we have an agreement with. If you know what treatment is required your health fund can quote you. Your health fund card is required on the day of treatment to ensure payment processing for your convenience.

Q; My provider offers two free check ups and cleans a year. Can I claim this at Beaconsfield Dental with any dentist?

All the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental agree to the provider programs for Medibank, BUPA, HCF and CBHS. There are different levels of cover for each fund and our reception staff can assist you to what level of cover you are entitled to.

Q: I want to do karate and my brother wants to play football this winter. Do you make sports mouth guards?

A; It is essential to wear a mouthguard when playing many sports, even non-contact sports such
as basketball. Please ring reception to book your appointment for a mouthguard impression. In
most cases your mouthguard will be ready within 5 working days from the impression date. The
Australian Dental Association recommends that mouthguards be worn during any sport and
training where there is a risk of contact to the face.

Q: Can I book an appointment on Saturday or a night after work?

Your appointment can be booked on a Saturday between the hours of 8.30am to 12.30pm and for your convenience the clinic is open late on a Tuesday evening. Ring our friendly receptionists to assist you with your booking or you may book online at

Q: Do you replace teeth?

Tooth replacement is provided at Beaconsfield Dental. There are many ways in which teeth can be replaced, depending on different circumstances. These include, dentures, bridges, implants or even white fillings to close gaps. Our dentists can assist you on what is the best way to replace missing teeth.

Q: My daughter is getting married in November. I would like my teeth whitened for this special occasion. Do you offer whitening?

Beaconsfield Dental provides tooth whitening services. These include bleaching teeth, veneers (composite or porcelain) and crowns. You would need to consult one of the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental on what is best for your circumstances.

These FAQs cannot answer all your questions. Feel free to ring our friendly reception to answer any further questions or book an appointment so you can talk to one of our dentists. Ring 9707 3508 or book online on at